How To Tell if Your Date Likes You

a young couple on a dateIf you’re on a first date with a new man then at some point during the date it may cross your mind as to whether he likes you or not, certainly if you are finding yourself liking him.

It is natural for a good Christian woman to wonder if her thoughts of wanting to have a boyfriend and to be intimate with a man are sinful. However, God has created us to naturally yearn for the company of the opposite sex to contribute to creating a stable bond between two people and form a stable family and assist with procreation.

So with that aside, if you like your new date then you may be wondering if he also likes you too. Here are a few signs that may indicate that he likes you.

How To Tell If Your Date Likes You

How Is The Conversation Going?

Does he seem genuinely interested in what you have to say? Does he listen intently and have some good, interesting concepts to reply to you with over your general conversations? If so, these are good signs that he is certainly enjoying the conversation. However, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that he likes you romantically just from this.

However, if he is looking for ways to continue the conversation with you, is hanging off your every word and is agreeing with you a lot, then these could be signs that he may like you in a ‘more than friends’ way.

If you are not sure what you can talk about on your date then read this Forbes article here on how to have more meaningful conversations.

Is He Trying To Impress You

Is he constantly trying to impress you or looking for ways that he can tell you about his interesting and varied achievements? This can be rather drab for most women, in particular on a first date. However, a lot of guys do this out of a need to impress the lady and try to win her affections. If he is doing this a lot, then it may mean he likes you. Here are a few other ways that men try to impress women.

Watch His Eyes

Eye contact can really tell you a lot about a person. When in conversation, is he looking back into your eyes a lot and not wanting to break eye contact? People, both men and women do this when they are looking at something they find attractive, pleasing to the eye or even captivating.

When you are not in conversation, do you notice a few times that he seems to he trying to catch glimpses of you when he thinks you are not looking? If so, then he is either deciding in his mind how he feels about you or he has already made his mind up and is finding it difficult not to look at you due to the attraction he is feeling.


A good Christian man will most likely be respectful of a woman’s space. However, if he likes you, he may find it difficult not to stand so close to you. If he seems that he is naturally gravitation towards you, then the reason could be that he likes you.

Body Language

When on your date, pay particular attention to his body language. How is he standing? How is he holding himself? A man that likes you will more likely be facing you directly with an open posture.

If he looks at you intently and seems to study your face while you are talking, then he is probably feeling attraction for you.

Also, pay attention to his gestures. Does he appear to touch your hand or arm occasionally while you are talking? If so, this is a clear sign that he likes you.

There are twenty body language signs that can show a man likes you according to Cosmo in this article.


There can be many signs to tell if a guy likes you and each man may be slightly different. However, these are the common signs that a guy may be giving you intentionally or unintentionally to let you know that he likes you more than a friend and may be willing to pursue things further in a romantic capacity with you.

If you find that you do also like him as well, then don’t rush into anything too soon. Take time to get to know him, introduce him to your close friends and family members to see what they think of him and pray to God to see if he is the one for you to be close to.

Dating can certainly be a complex issue especially in this modern day and age. we need to always bear in mind our faith and what God wants for us. However, we also need to be in touch with more modern concepts of dating in order to get a balance. To get a good perspective on modern trends of dating, there are some good articles around, such as the ones found at the American Dating Society here. Not all of them may apply to Christians so we must be mindful of information out there that does not fit with our values. However, they can help to give you an insight into the modern trends.

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