Is Changing Your Religion For Love A Good Thing?

a couple on the beachAccording to the singer Sammy Fain, love is a many splendored thing. It can make you feel confident and desired even at the worst of times.

Unfortunately, loving another person can also be a complicated situation, bringing with it different difficulties when facing a long-term relationship.

Things can more often than not be naturally smooth when dating someone else who is also a Christian. However, dating or being in love with a person of a different religion can be fraught with obstacles. This can sometimes bring up the question; Should I change my religion for love?

At times, people will do unusual things including changing their religion to court or marry another individual. However, is changing religion for love a positive approach to romance?

Like a good Christian, we should tell you, absolutely no, you should never change your religion for anyone. However, here we want to try as best as we can to give an unbiased view on this question and leave it up to you to make your mind up whether changing your religion for another person is the right thing to do or not.

The Modern Age

Due to the issue of globalization, it is common for people to enter relationships where they do not share the same culture or religion. While it is not mandatory for the couple to worship the same God in many faiths, it can bring various conflicts into a relationship that can lead to disharmony in a marriage. However, when entering a long-term relationship, there are situations where the individuals will need to convert to a single religion if they wish to marry.

To convert or not to convert?

The need to convert will inevitably place lots of strain on a relationship and requires a great deal of understanding and commitment to your partner. There are situations where the couple is unable to reach an accord resulting in a break-up or end of the relationship. As can be seen, the change of religion for love will often challenge the strength of relationships.

As is mentioned above, it is not always mandatory for the couple to follow a single religion when married. If this is the case and you are both happy with it then why change? It should be far more healthy compromise to respect each other’s different viewpoints and continue with your separate religious practices harmoniously.

The views of others in your religion

Unfortunately, the notion of living in an interfaith relationship or marriage can be met with disapproval by various cultures. It is seen that some families will disown their child if an interfaith marriage is entered or if they choose to convert to an alternate religion. This is a factor that must be considered when deciding whether or not to change one’s religion for a romantic relationship.

Although this is rather an old mentality, it is still very prevalent across many cultures.

a bible with a ring

How strong is your relationship?

Love is a strong emotion and can cause people to do ‘crazy’ things, but forsaking one’s religion to form an allegiance with a loved partner is more easily said than done. One of the fears of an individual who converts to another religion is the potential ending of the relationship. As is mentioned, the strength of the relationship is challenged upon conversion and there is the chance that the converted individual may find themselves ‘left in the cold’ if facing the end of the relationship.

You may wonder why this is a problem? Consider if the individual had been disowned for converting and is then left by the person they chose to convert for. This person may not be welcomed back to their original community and could feel neglected or rejected by the new religion. So, is it a good idea to change your religion for love?

The answer is a personal one and depends purely on whether you feel your relationship is strong enough to handle the complications.

Consult with your close friends and family members of the same religion to find out their opinions on the subject. Pray to God for the answer you need and listen every day for the answer that you seek.

However, above all, don’t rush into a decision of this nature hastily. This question needs a great deal of soul-searching and deep thought in order to come to the right decision for you.

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